Saturday, October 29, 2011


You've stumbled across the introductory post on the Prairie Rim Tech blog.  Here, you'll read about all kinds of technology that crosses my mind.  I've got 20+ years of programming and system administration experience, so a big chunk of the subjects will probably fall under that heading.  I'm also big into Linux and open source software, and the new Prairie Rim site has me brushing up on my web hosting skills.

The subject matter won't be limited to computers, though.  Any electronic gadget is fair game, except those that more appropriately fall under one of our other Prairie Rim blogs.  For the record, those are:

Who are we?  We're Ben & Stacy Hollingsworth.  We share posting duties here at Prairie Rim, although I'll probably doing most of the tech posts myself.  We're not experts on everything here, although I suppose we are on some things.  Mostly, we just like to share what we do know to help whoever we can.

Be sure to check in often.  We really value feedback from our readers, so please voice your thoughts in the comments at the bottom of each post.

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